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No events... Yet!

Rimor, Sep 9, 12 8:26 AM.
No upcoming events are planned for the Tenth Alliance Foot Unit; but we'll have some coming up soon!   

Website under development

Rimor, Sep 9, 12 8:24 AM.
The Tenth Allaince Foot Unit's website is currently under development and will be fully operational in a short time.
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Tenth Alliance Foot Unit is a brand new Military-based RP Guild located on the Argent Dawn Roleplaying Server on the WOW European Realms. Situated around the idea of serving the Alliance and fighting for control of the newly found continent, Pandaria, the Tenth plans to grow to be not just a respected Military Guild, but a well-run storyline-based Guild as well.
            "Men and women of the Alliance, all of us here fight for peace and prosperity under a single banner, today we fight not as Dwarves, Humans, Draenei, Pandaren, Worgen, Gnomes and Kaldorei but as brothers and sisters of the Alliance! Although we may know with grim certainty that we may not survive to return to our homelands today, I know that because of cause is just and our methods are right, we fight for Azeroth herself against the barbaric and murderous Horde.

"To each of you, I know I would raise a mug in your honour, for together we will finally rid this world of the Horde taint that has sullied it's soil for far too long! Together, my friends, we can accomplish what alone others could not! Follow me, my brothers and sisters, and join me in fighting in the name of the glorious Alliance!

"For Stormwind! For Khaz Modan! For the Exodar! For Darnassus! For Pandaria! For Gnomeragon! For Gilneas!"

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